Hi all,

I’m afraid you’ve arrived at the serious page – my disclaimer page.

Let’s just lay down a few little things, and then we can get on over back to my normal laidback areas of the blog.

First of all, all photographs taken and uploaded by me are owned by myself, unless otherwise stated. Any I have found on the internet, as far as I am aware, are made readily available to the public, and I ensure all are linked back to their original source. If you feel I have used an image of yours unfairly, please do get in touch on layitbarelifestyle@gmail.com. As for my own photographs/writing, if you wish to use them, please do get in touch, or at least credit me in your post.

A lot of my writing is tongue-in-cheek. Please do not follow any of my advice which appears to be so (reviews will not be tongue-in-cheek, so please do interpret them as my genuine opinion. Everything else is a mickey take…)

I am PR friendly, and any items sent to me and subsequently featured will have this mentioned in the post. I will explicitly say that they were sent to me, and who by. I will only give my honest opinion in review posts, whether an object has been sent to me by a company free of charge, or whether I have bought it with my own hard-earned money. By sending an item to me, I cannot guarantee a glowing review.

I will only feature products or items/experiences that appeal to myself and would have featured in my blog had I bought it myself.

This blog is first and foremost my hobby, and I therefore reserve the right to do what I like with it – be that change topic, change name, or even shut it down (which I won’t, I can almost guarantee ;))

I also read all comments, tweets and emails, and will try to get back to them as soon as humanly possible.

I think that’s enough for the serious chat now – thanks for reading and if you have ANY questions please do get in touch on layitbarelifestyle@gmail.com.