Having a Rest With The Best Adirondack Chairs

Hello my dear readers! Things are going well in my life.

Oh, what a like person I am to be born in the family of creative people! We have a good taste in everything – music, cooking, clothes, cars, beauty and of course design. I can say that the sky is the limit for a talented individual!

Do you remember that I change my mind very frequently? So, that is why we have recently redesigned our interior to the style of Adirondack. Without any doubt, the Adirondack is a reflection of the majestic mountain beauty and human mastery. Everything in it is strong, but at the same time incredibly beautiful. The design of a room in this style requires particular attention to detail. Well, only a few items of this style, in combination with traditional elements can be enough to give the interior a distinction. The massive and majestic features of the Adirondack style are created for cottages and mansions, it is not always appropriate in apartments, so using its individual elements is a good way to bring some American history to your house. And of course we live in a big country house and the main feature of it is Adirondack Chairs, which has many positive aspects: well-built construction, reasonable price, waterproof and it is not hard to recommend such a comfortable and stylish Adirondack.

The design of the chair is extremely simple. In addition to the comfortable wide seat, the chair does not have a straight, inclined backrest, but has a comfortable footrest. Being seated in such chair, a person gets a wide range of advantageous position, for example, your body takes a position where all your muscle groups are relaxed. Just have a real rest after a hard working day!

Having a party is a great opportunity to gather all family members, close friends in one place and taste delicious dishes. With such a great interior it is more pleasant. People just came and don’t want to leave again. They said we had a magic atmosphere and just in my house they could relax without thinking about any problems. I feel so happy living in my little a world of Adirondack.

After all, my guests can play dice or spread cards. The table with chairs become the center of the garden.

Do not hesitate if you have any questions. I will try to help you.

With love,



Ideal Present for Busy Moms

Today I am writing my post about presents. How often do you give them? Frankly speaking,  I do it very often, because this gives me a pleasure to make my friends and relatives happy. However, it might be challenging. I always spend much energy.

And another question “What is better to buy?” I think it must be a question on personality and by that I mean, some people can be sentimental and like the presents like cards and flowers, while others prefer digital stuff, such cameras, phones.

My sister’s birthday is coming  and I am a bit confused. She has a little baby, and is quite busy mom. My poor sister has to do many things at the same time. Of course, it’s so tiring. She definitely needs some rest.

I guess, it should be something very special, but at the same time useful. I mean it will be very complicated for me to choose the right one.  Well, I went to the shopping mall to find and an answer, but unfortunately I couldn’t. I simply spent the whole day for nothing.  “Anyway, I will find a perfect present” I said excitedly to myself. Then I suddenly understood, that she has always wanted a Wife baby monitor. I think, this might be a great idea.  I was exhausted and didn’t want to continue looking for the gift in the shopping mall. I decided  to go to the closest cafe, ordered my favorite latte with a cheesecake and connected to the Internet.  I was over the moon, when I finally found Comfort Cam! This camera is exactly the thing I was looking for!  It has great functionality: night vision, mobile app for simple access, speakers with crystal sound; it’s very easy to use and can be fixed anywhere in the house. By the way, the cafe was very cozy I will visit it next time.


So, guys, without any doubts I bought Comfort Cam! They delivered it in just a couple of days. I opened the box  to confirm if everything is there.

It’s a pity, my sister works long hours and don’t have much time to spend with her baby. I hope that with this magic camera, she would be able to see her son more often, as she can connect to the Comfort Cam anywhere. Probably, I will connect as well.

This is the end of my little story. I hope you like it and can choose the same present for your relatives.


Morning all!

Now, as you may or may not have noticed, we’re finally reaching the light at the end of the tunnel that is summer, and with summer comes the obligatory pastels, short shorts and tanned limbs. However, you may have previously read that whilst I’m a fan of gradual tanning lotions such as Garnier and Dove, and whilst I’m also a little in love with L’Oreal’s True Match foundation, I don’t tend to go in for foundations or fake tan on my face during the warmer months, instead opting to go for a tinted moisturiser so as not to get too ‘bogged down’ in the heat.
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Tech Boot Camp for a Cause

Me and my friends are organizing a boot camp for teenagers aging 13-18. It is about technology which will focus on the theme, “We Tech, We Rock.” This boot camp aims to help these kids, who are all inclined to learning so much more about technology and what it can offer.

Here are the things that they will be trained for:

  1. Website Development
  2. App Development
  3. Social Media Management
  4. Graphics and Design
  5. Copy Writing

We are also happy to announce that in this tech boot camp, we invited fellow techpreneurs who will talk about these topics in different days. Mila Quebec, a 27-year-old Filipina who is working in the Silicon Valley, is set to tackle website development, and app development on the first day.

She has been working as an app marketing specialist for a few start-up companies. She will be followed by Patrick Musac, a entrepreneur, a good website builder who has gained credentials in building websites for charities. He will talk about social media management.

Lastly, photographer and artist Lea Van Der Hyde will tackle the topic graphics and designs and copywriting. She has been a copywriter for seven years now, as well as a freelance graphic artists for various giant companies.

In this line, we are still open to welcoming sponsors for this event. We hope to encourage possible sponsors to help us go through with the cause and eventually tap other organizations who might be interested in giving scholarships to these promising kids.


Now, unless you’ve been AWOL from all forms of media (social or otherwise), you will be well aware that we’re in the midst of one of the best times of the year: festival season. I myself am off to Leeds in August, and to say I’m buzzing for it is quite the understatement, and whilst my Twitter and Bloglovin’ feed is full of festival fashion and beauty posts, I decided to put together a post about the things you REALLY need to be taking with you.



So here we are again, another cheap Valentine’s guide (I won’t tell him if you don’t…) I wanted to try and think of some dates we could go on on a budget of £20 each, as I’ve seen so many restaurants offering ‘AMAZING, STUPENDOUS VALENTINE’S 3 COURSE MEAL AT ONLY £47 PER PERSON’ which I personally believe to be ridiculous! (Especially when they normally charge £15 for the same thing).

Realistically, we might stay in on Valentine’s. I’m kind of tempted not to go out, as I don’t see why you should pay so much money to be surrounded by waiters who don’t want to be serving so many loved-up couples, with couples filled with so much expectation. My idea of a good Valentine’s is cooking together, lighting some candles, reminiscing on your relationship and getting cosy. You’re with them because you love them, so Valentine’s to me is the perfect excuse to be selfish and not share your other half with anyone else.



So I have a confession. For a few years now, I have been cheating on the pin-ups of all things ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s.

I know, I know, who could be so amazing that I deem them more important than the two men who have always been there to pick me up in times of trouble?

I’ll tell you who. George & D (D being the biggest mystery in Oxford history – who actually is the D?!) or G&Ds as you may know them.

Never heard of them? Let me take you on a trip to one of their three little cafes spread out around Oxford – be sure to pack your expandable trousers!



Eating burgers. On Thursdays. Could there be a better set up? (Apart from, obviously, having them every day instead…)

So a few posts ago, when I filled you all in on the #OxMeet, I mentioned meeting up with Hannah from the rather fabulous Pinafores and Pies before heading on to Wagamama’s to meet everyone. Having chatted non-stop, we figured we must meet up again and continue where we left off, and what better way to do that, than over burgers?


I genuinely think I was born to travel. My plan is to work my socks off for the next two years (whilst undergoing Invisalign treatment), and then take off for the mother of all adventures. Where’s on my list? So many places that I most definitely want to share with you – but that’s a post for a different day.

However, until then, I have a whole 22 days per year to take off from my office job, and I plan to fill them with as many mini-trips as possible. My first is coming up in about six weeks (eeeee!!) when I’m taking off to a villa with friends in Spain, but what’s after that??

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Guyyyys life has been totally running away with me at the moment. If it isn’t work, it’s a drama performance, if it isn’t those, it’s booking a holiday for myself and nine friends – it’s all beyond a little manic and I’m afraid to say my blog has been somewhat neglected.

Bad times.

However, today I have a little lifestyle post for you all about what I got up to after work a few weeks ago (wow, what a hook – have I reeled you all in yet??)