Thinking of something to give for my hubby


It feels very strange to be at this point my husband and I for relationship where we don’t even really ask each other what we want for each other’s birthdays anymore, we just shop for each other and Trust our instincts. However, I have to say that this year I had a very difficult time deciding between very different things. I knew that I was either going to buy him a very nice watch, or I was going to get him some outdoor gear. I was looking at the best watches under 500, and I was salivating picture and some of those beautiful things on his wrist. I always have the excuse not to buy him outdoor gear, because you guys so much for himself, but the excuse is also that I just don’t know anything in that I might buy him the wrong thing. He directed me to his favorite site for reviews of coolers, tents, grills, and all sorts of portable stoves and cooking supplies, which is the website called Survival Cooking.

I took that it’s a pretty clear hints that he was looking for some more outdoor gear, and the website certainly gave a very comprehensive view of a lot of the best top of the line the options that I could consider buying for him, many of them at a very reasonable price actually. So, that became the thing, that I knew that I was going to have to read these reviews, which were actually really exciting to read because they’re really well-written, far more well-written than most other reviews that I’ve ever read, and I decided that I was going to buy him a portable stove that he could use while he went tailgating. Needless to say, this is exactly what he was looking for, which I kind of figured tell me you get to know someone so well.

Having a Rest With The Best Adirondack Chairs

Hello my dear readers! Things are going well in my life.

Oh, what a like person I am to be born in the family of creative people! We have a good taste in everything – music, cooking, clothes, cars, beauty and of course design. I can say that the sky is the limit for a talented individual!

Do you remember that I change my mind very frequently? So, that is why we have recently redesigned our interior to the style of Adirondack. Without any doubt, the Adirondack is a reflection of the majestic mountain beauty and human mastery. Everything in it is strong, but at the same time incredibly beautiful. The design of a room in this style requires particular attention to detail. Well, only a few items of this style, in combination with traditional elements can be enough to give the interior a distinction. The massive and majestic features of the Adirondack style are created for cottages and mansions, it is not always appropriate in apartments, so using its individual elements is a good way to bring some American history to your house. And of course we live in a big country house and the main feature of it is Adirondack Chairs, which has many positive aspects: well-built construction, reasonable price, waterproof and it is not hard to recommend such a comfortable and stylish Adirondack.

The design of the chair is extremely simple. In addition to the comfortable wide seat, the chair does not have a straight, inclined backrest, but has a comfortable footrest. Being seated in such chair, a person gets a wide range of advantageous position, for example, your body takes a position where all your muscle groups are relaxed. Just have a real rest after a hard working day!

Having a party is a great opportunity to gather all family members, close friends in one place and taste delicious dishes. With such a great interior it is more pleasant. People just came and don’t want to leave again. They said we had a magic atmosphere and just in my house they could relax without thinking about any problems. I feel so happy living in my little a world of Adirondack.

After all, my guests can play dice or spread cards. The table with chairs become the center of the garden.

Do not hesitate if you have any questions. I will try to help you.

With love,



Clarisonic Review: Every Girl’s Best Friend

Did you know Clarisonic Mia 2? I stumbled upon this amazing product when I was browsing through the internet for a solution to my growing pimples in my forehead.

In one blog post from a friendly beauty blogger I have been following for years already, she said that this brush is really a wonder for facial cleansing.

Here’s my Clarisonic review and I hope you may find this interesting and helpful in making your decision for a better skin.

Blackheads removal

Let’s start with this one.One benefit of using this product is its ability to remove blackheads which, I know, has been a problem for a lot of girls out there. Just imagine dealing with blackheads all the time when you have been using and trying a lot of facial cleansers against it.

Sometimes, our bare hands could not handle cleaning the deep seated dirt stuck in our pores.

Moreover, I learned from other beauty bloggers that Clarisonic Mia 2 is also best for preparing our pores for better absorption.

Some skin types has the dilemma of poor absorption of facial cleanser and creams that is why it is still hard for the creams and gels to penetrate and cure the skin from pimples and blemishes.

With Clarisonic Mia 2, it opens up and prepares for better absorption so that every cream we use could take its action for acne and other skin problems.

Using bare hands too do not guarantee that we clean the skin thoroughly. It is better to have a nice tool, the Clarisonic Mia 2 that is, to clean our skin and fight off dirt.

Pair this with Clarisonic Mia 2’ counterpart cleansing toner and you are definitely on your way to a more beautiful and healthier you.

The price of this wonder brush may be a little hefty. Of course, it is not your ordinary brush you just buy in the convenience store. But really, I do suggest you invest on this one.

So ladies, do you want to buy your own now?

Ideal Present for Busy Moms

Today I am writing my post about presents. How often do you give them? Frankly speaking,  I do it very often, because this gives me a pleasure to make my friends and relatives happy. However, it might be challenging. I always spend much energy.

And another question “What is better to buy?” I think it must be a question on personality and by that I mean, some people can be sentimental and like the presents like cards and flowers, while others prefer digital stuff, such cameras, phones.

My sister’s birthday is coming  and I am a bit confused. She has a little baby, and is quite busy mom. My poor sister has to do many things at the same time. Of course, it’s so tiring. She definitely needs some rest.

I guess, it should be something very special, but at the same time useful. I mean it will be very complicated for me to choose the right one.  Well, I went to the shopping mall to find and an answer, but unfortunately I couldn’t. I simply spent the whole day for nothing.  “Anyway, I will find a perfect present” I said excitedly to myself. Then I suddenly understood, that she has always wanted a Wife baby monitor. I think, this might be a great idea.  I was exhausted and didn’t want to continue looking for the gift in the shopping mall. I decided  to go to the closest cafe, ordered my favorite latte with a cheesecake and connected to the Internet.  I was over the moon, when I finally found Comfort Cam! This camera is exactly the thing I was looking for!  It has great functionality: night vision, mobile app for simple access, speakers with crystal sound; it’s very easy to use and can be fixed anywhere in the house. By the way, the cafe was very cozy I will visit it next time.


So, guys, without any doubts I bought Comfort Cam! They delivered it in just a couple of days. I opened the box  to confirm if everything is there.

It’s a pity, my sister works long hours and don’t have much time to spend with her baby. I hope that with this magic camera, she would be able to see her son more often, as she can connect to the Comfort Cam anywhere. Probably, I will connect as well.

This is the end of my little story. I hope you like it and can choose the same present for your relatives.

The World of Virtual Reality

Even though this is not a virtual reality blog, and usually what I post has nothing to do with technology, the fact is that the blog is a new, digital form of content creation and communication that a decade ago was not nearly as popular or commonplace as it has become now. These things happen fast. Sometimes I forget to put that in perspective, the fact that I can do this so effortlessly and easily, and that is so natural, it’s something that sometimes I accidentally take for granted. It’s human nature to take things for granted so I try not to be too hard on myself about that, but it is something that I have been thinking about a lot lately.

I’ve been thinking about it because a lot of people I know are saying that if you are in the world of digital technology or digital media at all, that you need to start becoming literate with virtual reality devices and 360 camera technology. That’s seems so strange to me, as a personal writer who just likes to share stories, but I guess that this new form of content could potentially enhance my storytelling and help my readers gain a more intimate understanding of my life and surroundings. I guess this is important because that’s why people are engaged with me and my riding in the first place.

It would be very naive to just shrug off this new technology and say that it’s not worth engaging with, it would also be very safe. I have learned in my life that sometimes it is necessary to take big risks and step out of your comfort zone and that this is usually the most important thing you can do for moving forward. Maybe I’m thinking too much about this? I’m not sure? All I know is that I am intrigued by the idea of beginning to play with virtual reality contents and offer a 360 degree photos and videos here on my My Little Life Journal. Would this be something that you think that you might be interested in? Let me know if not or if so, because that will determine or at least help to determine whether I move forward with this intuitive impulse that’s been occurring Within Me.


Morning all!

Now, as you may or may not have noticed, we’re finally reaching the light at the end of the tunnel that is summer, and with summer comes the obligatory pastels, short shorts and tanned limbs. However, you may have previously read that whilst I’m a fan of gradual tanning lotions such as Garnier and Dove, and whilst I’m also a little in love with L’Oreal’s True Match foundation, I don’t tend to go in for foundations or fake tan on my face during the warmer months, instead opting to go for a tinted moisturiser so as not to get too ‘bogged down’ in the heat.
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A Safer, More Convenient Option of Transportation

We all want to be safe on the road. We never wished to meet an accident or cause other people hassle when we are out there, driving our own vehicles. While we know accidents are not intented, we can always choose to be safer when we opt to by products or vehicles which shall give you assurance of a safer transport. Take for example vehicle company based in The Netherlands. I learned about this through my friend who live there. She once told me how she is having a hassle free ride when attending an errand or even when meeting someone in the city.

She said Unu Motors, the electric scooter provider she was talking about, is such a wonder for people like her. I mean, Jenna, my friend is always on the road in the city. And I know for a fact that she needs to drive almost every day. Unu Motors’ electric scooter, or what they call in the place as ‘elektrische scooter,’is ran by electricity.

One thing I also like with Unu Motors is that you can choose from several different colors for your own scooter. It also comes with a free helmet! What a freebie. Also, purchasing their electric scooter is not too much of a hassle. In just one box, which will be delivered to your address in no time, has all the things you need—the vehicle it self, the helmet, and the portable battery you can charge anywhere as long as you have an electrical outlet.

When I go to The Netherlands, I will definitely check this out.

The Photography Hosting Database I Totally Love

For a long time, compiling a database of stock photography that was actually worth sorting through, was an art that literally nobody was practicing. There were a few websites that took an attempt, sort of like how a teenager will learn to how to play half of “Wonderwall” on the acoustic guitar just to seduce girls, hoping that nobody asks him to play the rest of the song, or hoping that is audience doesn’t demand that he actually sings in tune.

Maybe that’s a little bit harsh, but seriously, it’s something that I’m extremely fed up with. That’s not a shortage of stock photography online, the quantity is absolutely not the issue. The issue has been the quality of stock photography online, and finding a consistent source for high-quality images. It might not seem like a big deal, but if you’ve ever been involved in publishing articles or blog posts, it is absolutely and essential part of the process, and settling for mediocrity kind of becomes the norm. Nobody likes when that becomes the norm. Nobody.

So, needless to say, I was super happy to find that my problem was solved overnights with the discovery of… EyeEm. A source for Stock Photos that is super, super, super not terrible. Like, really, it’s actually pretty good, and I am always finding good photos on there, the likes of which I had never seen on any other stock photography hosting database. It’s a total game-changer. I couldn’t be more excited about it. Well, I could probably be a little more excited about it, it’s probably hyperbole, but as far as stock photography image hosting goes? This is way better than I expected to ever find, and I hope that the whole world shares this discovery with me… Mostly to alleviate the suffering of others, but also to make sure that this website gets enough business that they stay operation. Now that I’ve had EyeEm, I really hope that I don’t have to go back.

Mixed Thoughts on Buying a Real Estate Property

So, I’m going to be here in Vancouver for a little while longer, and I have to say that I’ve really fallen in love with the place. It is such an amazing City. We’ve been considering buying property lately, we always thought we would do it closer to home but, sometimes your heart takes you somewhere new that you never expected. No, we haven’t bought land or a home, or a condo, here yet but we are certainly considering it.

The only thing about buying in Vancouver is that… Well, it is actually probably the most expensive Market in the world right now. One thing I will say, is that the Canadian dollar is at a very low state in comparison to the American dollar, so that is really helpful when it comes to this kind of things. And, talking to lots of Professionals in the area, we have learned that this has led to a situation where a lot of the investors and people buying property in the city are not Canadian.

Makes sense. Anyway, I called up a Vancouver Realtor, a really great fellow, and he gave us the scoop on what we could afford, and what he thought was worth buying. Mostly, we zeroed in on someBurnaby condos for sale. Burnaby is not Vancouver, but it basically is, it’s right beside it, it’s connected by public transit lines and it is literally right next door. There’s no sprawling nature in between, it’s just Vancouver and, and invisible line, and Burnaby. Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you know what I mean.

Burnaby is really nice, and there are lots of things about it that are actually preferable to living in Vancouver. Including the fact that it is significantly less expensive to buy property there. Are we going to do it? We’re not sure yet, and we are not really in a rush either. Even though we are going to be leaving in about a week, that doesn’t mean that we can’t buy property from a distance afterward, or plan another trip to the area. Plus, if ever we do not like it, we can also see some  Coal Harbour Condos for sale my friend told me about.

Yes, it’s very expensive, and there is a chance that the investment could not be as effective as we’d hoped, but some things are more important than the financial element. Part of the reason we would be buying property here is because we love the area and are actually considering moving our lives here. Eventually. Not anytime soon. Don’t worry. So, let me know if you have any feedback. I know it’s a big life choice, and we’re probably just going to make it by discussing the pros and cons with each other, but as always some informed comments are always appreciated.

Notes on Real Estate Marketing and Scrapbook Making

I recently attended a gathering for lifestyle and mommy bloggers. It was well attended, probably about 150-200 bloggers attended there and I was glad I was invited in the event. We are advised to tag along a blogger friend too and I decided to bring with me my newbie blogger friend Tanya in the event. I know she will love it as it was her first event in the blogging world. Tanya is 32-year-old. She was my high school classmate and we literally grew up in the same neighborhood. She has a cute little daughter named Tisha and I am her god mother. Anyway, we prepared for the evening three hours before in our house. I lend her my favorite purple cocktail dress and I wore the red A-line dress my husband gave me as a birthday gift. I also lend her my black purse and black strappy sandals.

In the event, we were given a bag each as well as a coupon where we can go around the area and network with different brands. The bag is for all the products and giveaways these brands will give us. Tanya and I first went to the booths near the registration area. There were many products and marketing officers were explaining to us what their company where. There are products ranging from soaps, whitening creams, bags, cell phone trinkets, and even books.

I decided to leave Tanya in one booth because she was too preoccupied with the explanation of one marketing assistant. I gave her all the time in the world because I know she is enjoying the event. So I walked my way through the end part where I saw a giant poster about real estate properties. The real estate marketing assistant quickly approached me when I showed interest in their poster. She asked me if I wanted to coffee and cookies as she gave me some leaflets. From her explanation, they are selling real estate properties and good thing they have some properties to sell near our area. Not only do they sell houses but they also look for clients who are searching for office buildings and even factories! I will definitely share this to my husband. The real estate marketing assistant gave me a loot bag filled with candies, a book, and a pen.

After our chitchat, it took probably out 30 minutes, I decided to transfer to another booth. They were demonstrating how to make scrap books! I got interested in what they were doing and I found out Tanya was also there the whole time. In the booth they have buttons, old papers, scraps from old bottles, patches, and even dried leaves. They also have ready to buy scrap books made from recycled papers. I bought two scrap books apart from the three bags of scrap book decorations they gave us. I will try doing it with my kids over the weekend.

Tanya and  I went for some refreshments and ate dinner in the near table. We went back home feeling happy after the event, thanks to all the learning we got.