Clarisonic Review: Every Girl’s Best Friend

Did you know Clarisonic Mia 2? I stumbled upon this amazing product when I was browsing through the internet for a solution to my growing pimples in my forehead.

In one blog post from a friendly beauty blogger I have been following for years already, she said that this brush is really a wonder for facial cleansing.

Here’s my Clarisonic review and I hope you may find this interesting and helpful in making your decision for a better skin.

Blackheads removal

Let’s start with this one.One benefit of using this product is its ability to remove blackheads which, I know, has been a problem for a lot of girls out there. Just imagine dealing with blackheads all the time when you have been using and trying a lot of facial cleansers against it.

Sometimes, our bare hands could not handle cleaning the deep seated dirt stuck in our pores.

Moreover, I learned from other beauty bloggers that Clarisonic Mia 2 is also best for preparing our pores for better absorption.

Some skin types has the dilemma of poor absorption of facial cleanser and creams that is why it is still hard for the creams and gels to penetrate and cure the skin from pimples and blemishes.

With Clarisonic Mia 2, it opens up and prepares for better absorption so that every cream we use could take its action for acne and other skin problems.

Using bare hands too do not guarantee that we clean the skin thoroughly. It is better to have a nice tool, the Clarisonic Mia 2 that is, to clean our skin and fight off dirt.

Pair this with Clarisonic Mia 2’ counterpart cleansing toner and you are definitely on your way to a more beautiful and healthier you.

The price of this wonder brush may be a little hefty. Of course, it is not your ordinary brush you just buy in the convenience store. But really, I do suggest you invest on this one.

So ladies, do you want to buy your own now?

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