Clarisonic Review: Every Girl’s Best Friend

Did you know Clarisonic Mia 2? I stumbled upon this amazing product when I was browsing through the internet for a solution to my growing pimples in my forehead.

In one blog post from a friendly beauty blogger I have been following for years already, she said that this brush is really a wonder for facial cleansing.

Here’s my Clarisonic review and I hope you may find this interesting and helpful in making your decision for a better skin.

Blackheads removal

Let’s start with this one.One benefit of using this product is its ability to remove blackheads which, I know, has been a problem for a lot of girls out there. Just imagine dealing with blackheads all the time when you have been using and trying a lot of facial cleansers against it.

Sometimes, our bare hands could not handle cleaning the deep seated dirt stuck in our pores.

Moreover, I learned from other beauty bloggers that Clarisonic Mia 2 is also best for preparing our pores for better absorption.

Some skin types has the dilemma of poor absorption of facial cleanser and creams that is why it is still hard for the creams and gels to penetrate and cure the skin from pimples and blemishes.

With Clarisonic Mia 2, it opens up and prepares for better absorption so that every cream we use could take its action for acne and other skin problems.

Using bare hands too do not guarantee that we clean the skin thoroughly. It is better to have a nice tool, the Clarisonic Mia 2 that is, to clean our skin and fight off dirt.

Pair this with Clarisonic Mia 2’ counterpart cleansing toner and you are definitely on your way to a more beautiful and healthier you.

The price of this wonder brush may be a little hefty. Of course, it is not your ordinary brush you just buy in the convenience store. But really, I do suggest you invest on this one.

So ladies, do you want to buy your own now?

Ideal Present for Busy Moms

Today I am writing my post about presents. How often do you give them? Frankly speaking,  I do it very often, because this gives me a pleasure to make my friends and relatives happy. However, it might be challenging. I always spend much energy.

And another question “What is better to buy?” I think it must be a question on personality and by that I mean, some people can be sentimental and like the presents like cards and flowers, while others prefer digital stuff, such cameras, phones.

My sister’s birthday is coming  and I am a bit confused. She has a little baby, and is quite busy mom. My poor sister has to do many things at the same time. Of course, it’s so tiring. She definitely needs some rest.

I guess, it should be something very special, but at the same time useful. I mean it will be very complicated for me to choose the right one.  Well, I went to the shopping mall to find and an answer, but unfortunately I couldn’t. I simply spent the whole day for nothing.  “Anyway, I will find a perfect present” I said excitedly to myself. Then I suddenly understood, that she has always wanted a Wife baby monitor. I think, this might be a great idea.  I was exhausted and didn’t want to continue looking for the gift in the shopping mall. I decided  to go to the closest cafe, ordered my favorite latte with a cheesecake and connected to the Internet.  I was over the moon, when I finally found Comfort Cam! This camera is exactly the thing I was looking for!  It has great functionality: night vision, mobile app for simple access, speakers with crystal sound; it’s very easy to use and can be fixed anywhere in the house. By the way, the cafe was very cozy I will visit it next time.


So, guys, without any doubts I bought Comfort Cam! They delivered it in just a couple of days. I opened the box  to confirm if everything is there.

It’s a pity, my sister works long hours and don’t have much time to spend with her baby. I hope that with this magic camera, she would be able to see her son more often, as she can connect to the Comfort Cam anywhere. Probably, I will connect as well.

This is the end of my little story. I hope you like it and can choose the same present for your relatives.

The World of Virtual Reality

Even though this is not a virtual reality blog, and usually what I post has nothing to do with technology, the fact is that the blog is a new, digital form of content creation and communication that a decade ago was not nearly as popular or commonplace as it has become now. These things happen fast. Sometimes I forget to put that in perspective, the fact that I can do this so effortlessly and easily, and that is so natural, it’s something that sometimes I accidentally take for granted. It’s human nature to take things for granted so I try not to be too hard on myself about that, but it is something that I have been thinking about a lot lately.

I’ve been thinking about it because a lot of people I know are saying that if you are in the world of digital technology or digital media at all, that you need to start becoming literate with virtual reality devices and 360 camera technology. That’s seems so strange to me, as a personal writer who just likes to share stories, but I guess that this new form of content could potentially enhance my storytelling and help my readers gain a more intimate understanding of my life and surroundings. I guess this is important because that’s why people are engaged with me and my riding in the first place.

It would be very naive to just shrug off this new technology and say that it’s not worth engaging with, it would also be very safe. I have learned in my life that sometimes it is necessary to take big risks and step out of your comfort zone and that this is usually the most important thing you can do for moving forward. Maybe I’m thinking too much about this? I’m not sure? All I know is that I am intrigued by the idea of beginning to play with virtual reality contents and offer a 360 degree photos and videos here on my My Little Life Journal. Would this be something that you think that you might be interested in? Let me know if not or if so, because that will determine or at least help to determine whether I move forward with this intuitive impulse that’s been occurring Within Me.


Morning all!

Now, as you may or may not have noticed, we’re finally reaching the light at the end of the tunnel that is summer, and with summer comes the obligatory pastels, short shorts and tanned limbs. However, you may have previously read that whilst I’m a fan of gradual tanning lotions such as Garnier and Dove, and whilst I’m also a little in love with L’Oreal’s True Match foundation, I don’t tend to go in for foundations or fake tan on my face during the warmer months, instead opting to go for a tinted moisturiser so as not to get too ‘bogged down’ in the heat.
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