A Safer, More Convenient Option of Transportation

We all want to be safe on the road. We never wished to meet an accident or cause other people hassle when we are out there, driving our own vehicles. While we know accidents are not intented, we can always choose to be safer when we opt to by products or vehicles which shall give you assurance of a safer transport. Take for example vehicle company based in The Netherlands. I learned about this through my friend who live there. She once told me how she is having a hassle free ride when attending an errand or even when meeting someone in the city.

She said Unu Motors, the electric scooter provider she was talking about, is such a wonder for people like her. I mean, Jenna, my friend is always on the road in the city. And I know for a fact that she needs to drive almost every day. Unu Motors’ electric scooter, or what they call in the place as ‘elektrische scooter,’is ran by electricity.

One thing I also like with Unu Motors is that you can choose from several different colors for your own scooter. It also comes with a free helmet! What a freebie. Also, purchasing their electric scooter is not too much of a hassle. In just one box, which will be delivered to your address in no time, has all the things you need—the vehicle it self, the helmet, and the portable battery you can charge anywhere as long as you have an electrical outlet.

When I go to The Netherlands, I will definitely check this out.

The Photography Hosting Database I Totally Love

For a long time, compiling a database of stock photography that was actually worth sorting through, was an art that literally nobody was practicing. There were a few websites that took an attempt, sort of like how a teenager will learn to how to play half of “Wonderwall” on the acoustic guitar just to seduce girls, hoping that nobody asks him to play the rest of the song, or hoping that is audience doesn’t demand that he actually sings in tune.

Maybe that’s a little bit harsh, but seriously, it’s something that I’m extremely fed up with. That’s not a shortage of stock photography online, the quantity is absolutely not the issue. The issue has been the quality of stock photography online, and finding a consistent source for high-quality images. It might not seem like a big deal, but if you’ve ever been involved in publishing articles or blog posts, it is absolutely and essential part of the process, and settling for mediocrity kind of becomes the norm. Nobody likes when that becomes the norm. Nobody.

So, needless to say, I was super happy to find that my problem was solved overnights with the discovery of… EyeEm. A source for Stock Photos that is super, super, super not terrible. Like, really, it’s actually pretty good, and I am always finding good photos on there, the likes of which I had never seen on any other stock photography hosting database. It’s a total game-changer. I couldn’t be more excited about it. Well, I could probably be a little more excited about it, it’s probably hyperbole, but as far as stock photography image hosting goes? This is way better than I expected to ever find, and I hope that the whole world shares this discovery with me… Mostly to alleviate the suffering of others, but also to make sure that this website gets enough business that they stay operation. Now that I’ve had EyeEm, I really hope that I don’t have to go back.