Notes on Real Estate Marketing and Scrapbook Making

I recently attended a gathering for lifestyle and mommy bloggers. It was well attended, probably about 150-200 bloggers attended there and I was glad I was invited in the event. We are advised to tag along a blogger friend too and I decided to bring with me my newbie blogger friend Tanya in the event. I know she will love it as it was her first event in the blogging world. Tanya is 32-year-old. She was my high school classmate and we literally grew up in the same neighborhood. She has a cute little daughter named Tisha and I am her god mother. Anyway, we prepared for the evening three hours before in our house. I lend her my favorite purple cocktail dress and I wore the red A-line dress my husband gave me as a birthday gift. I also lend her my black purse and black strappy sandals.

In the event, we were given a bag each as well as a coupon where we can go around the area and network with different brands. The bag is for all the products and giveaways these brands will give us. Tanya and I first went to the booths near the registration area. There were many products and marketing officers were explaining to us what their company where. There are products ranging from soaps, whitening creams, bags, cell phone trinkets, and even books.

I decided to leave Tanya in one booth because she was too preoccupied with the explanation of one marketing assistant. I gave her all the time in the world because I know she is enjoying the event. So I walked my way through the end part where I saw a giant poster about real estate properties. The real estate marketing assistant quickly approached me when I showed interest in their poster. She asked me if I wanted to coffee and cookies as she gave me some leaflets. From her explanation, they are selling real estate properties and good thing they have some properties to sell near our area. Not only do they sell houses but they also look for clients who are searching for office buildings and even factories! I will definitely share this to my husband. The real estate marketing assistant gave me a loot bag filled with candies, a book, and a pen.

After our chitchat, it took probably out 30 minutes, I decided to transfer to another booth. They were demonstrating how to make scrap books! I got interested in what they were doing and I found out Tanya was also there the whole time. In the booth they have buttons, old papers, scraps from old bottles, patches, and even dried leaves. They also have ready to buy scrap books made from recycled papers. I bought two scrap books apart from the three bags of scrap book decorations they gave us. I will try doing it with my kids over the weekend.

Tanya and  I went for some refreshments and ate dinner in the near table. We went back home feeling happy after the event, thanks to all the learning we got.