Tech Boot Camp for a Cause

Me and my friends are organizing a boot camp for teenagers aging 13-18. It is about technology which will focus on the theme, “We Tech, We Rock.” This boot camp aims to help these kids, who are all inclined to learning so much more about technology and what it can offer.

Here are the things that they will be trained for:

  1. Website Development
  2. App Development
  3. Social Media Management
  4. Graphics and Design
  5. Copy Writing

We are also happy to announce that in this tech boot camp, we invited fellow techpreneurs who will talk about these topics in different days. Mila Quebec, a 27-year-old Filipina who is working in the Silicon Valley, is set to tackle website development, and app development on the first day.

She has been working as an app marketing specialist for a few start-up companies. She will be followed by Patrick Musac, a entrepreneur, a good website builder who has gained credentials in building websites for charities. He will talk about social media management.

Lastly, photographer and artist Lea Van Der Hyde will tackle the topic graphics and designs and copywriting. She has been a copywriter for seven years now, as well as a freelance graphic artists for various giant companies.

In this line, we are still open to welcoming sponsors for this event. We hope to encourage possible sponsors to help us go through with the cause and eventually tap other organizations who might be interested in giving scholarships to these promising kids.

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