Now, unless you’ve been AWOL from all forms of media (social or otherwise), you will be well aware that we’re in the midst of one of the best times of the year: festival season. I myself am off to Leeds in August, and to say I’m buzzing for it is quite the understatement, and whilst my Twitter and Bloglovin’ feed is full of festival fashion and beauty posts, I decided to put together a post about the things you REALLY need to be taking with you.

I mean, REALLY need.

Like, really REALLY.

So, just for five minutes, forget festival fashion, festival beauty and festival hair styles, I’m here to present to you your 12 festival essentials, and how to ensure your days go as smoothly as possible so you can concentrate on what you’re there to do: drink and dance!

1. Toilet Roll
So first up, lets get straight on in there – toilet roll is an absolute essential. The stuff is currency within 45 minutes of arriving at any festival campsite, when the toilets become an absolute cave of poo.


Pack a whole roll, keep it safe (heck, guard it more than you’d guard your purse!) and dish it out sparingly to your nearest and dearest. Alternatively, trade ten sheets for a beer (as the days go by, this does actually work…)

2. Sliced Cheese
This is a little bug-bear of mine. If you’re anything like me, you’ll agree that a burger isn’t a good burger until it has a little slice of cheese on top. Now, that little slice of cheese will up the cost of your daily burger(s) by almost a pound at a festival burger van. A whole pound!! Ok, yes, maybe it isn’t that much, but it’s the principle! Go to your local supermarket before setting off and buy a little pack, et voila: cheeseburgers for a pound less (ish…)

3. Cereal Bars
Whilst we’re on the subject of food, stock up on cereal bars – you’ll thank me in the mornings/late at night when you’re hungry but just that little too drunk/tired/hungover to be bothered to walk and then queue at a food stall.

4. Mobile Phone
You’re going to get lost at least once during your time on site, so a mobile phone is a must. I still haven’t decided whether to take my iPhone just yet, or whether to buy a £10 one and put credit on. Decisions…

5. Antibacterial Wipes
Did you read the earlier section on toilets? Then this is pretty self explanatory…

Or, save the environment and get some antibacterial gel – whatever you prefer.

6. Baby Wipes
You won’t be showering for a few days, but these little marvels are perfect for freshening up/taking off make up/cleaning your hands etc.

7. SPF

8. Batiste & Hair Clips
Ok, maybe I’ll just slip in this one little hair-related tip, but make sure you’ve stocked up on Batiste! Your hair will be greasy by the second day (probably), so this will without a doubt be your new best friend. Carry a few hair clips and you can make sure you’re prepared to hide any grease that might come your way.

9. Torch
If you have an iPhone and plan on taking it with you, that battery is going to be precious (and will more than likely have run out by 5pm on your first day), so take a small torch with you instead to find your tent after a heavy night drinking and dancing.

10. Binbags
Your clothes are going to get dirty or wet, so keep a binbag or two handy to chuck them in to avoid any cross-contamination. Plus, you’ve got a make-shift poncho should the weather take a turn for the worse.

11. Pillowcase
If you aren’t going to take a little pillow, take a pillowcase with you to chuck clothes in to use instead come night time. Perfect.

12. Two-Litre Bottle of Water
This bottle of water will easily be the most treasured bottle you will ever have (unless you own one made out of gold or something). Hydration is key when you’re out in the sun all day and drinking a lot of alcohol, so make sure you have this bottle handy. Finished the water? The bottle isn’t out of uses yet! Dotted around the campsite will be areas to fill up with free drinking water. Take your bottle and there you have it, yet more money saved. Alternatively, fill it up and use that bottle to wash your self or any body part/anybody else’s body part. Extra alternatively, you’re all ready for a water fight.

(Found on Pinterest, unsure of original source)
But do you know what? When all’s said and done, as long as you have your friends and a little moolah to buy beer, you’re gonna have a damn good time. Relax, have fun and somebody on that campsite will have what you need (it might just cost you a drink).

Peace out.

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