So here we are again, another cheap Valentine’s guide (I won’t tell him if you don’t…) I wanted to try and think of some dates we could go on on a budget of £20 each, as I’ve seen so many restaurants offering ‘AMAZING, STUPENDOUS VALENTINE’S 3 COURSE MEAL AT ONLY £47 PER PERSON’ which I personally believe to be ridiculous! (Especially when they normally charge £15 for the same thing).

Realistically, we might stay in on Valentine’s. I’m kind of tempted not to go out, as I don’t see why you should pay so much money to be surrounded by waiters who don’t want to be serving so many loved-up couples, with couples filled with so much expectation. My idea of a good Valentine’s is cooking together, lighting some candles, reminiscing on your relationship and getting cosy. You’re with them because you love them, so Valentine’s to me is the perfect excuse to be selfish and not share your other half with anyone else.

That being said, who doesn’t love an excuse to get all dressed up? I am a girl after all… So, this guide features ideas on what to do if you’re staying in, and what to do if you’re going out. Remember, the budget is £20 each so it’s quite a tricky one considering most restaurants up their prices on the day of lurrrve…

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  1. Make a den

An old favourite of mine, previously mentioned on Rain Rain Go Away. Picture the scene, you’ve bought copious amounts of chocolate, maybe a bottle of Prosecco and you’re all hidden under covers and fairy lights. Perfect 🙂

  1. Film night (at yours or at a cinema)

You’re bound to have a few shared favourite films. How about a lazy movie marathon? You can buy in loads of snacks and just chill – all phones must be switched off, and definitely no laptops or tablets in sight! Alternatively, head to a local cinema and for once, buy a big tub of popcorn instead of taking your own nibbles in with you (or don’t….)

  1. Cook a meal – gnocchi, candles etc.

When Si and I were at uni and poor, poor students (as opposed to poor, poor workers), we spent a Valentines with a homemade meal of gnocchi, sausages and sauce, with beer (you can take the girl out the Midlands…), candles and music. We were absolute masters of spending no more than £5 a week on food shopping, but decided to splash out and spend a whole £3 on this evening. Proof you can have an amazing time on a very tight budget….

  1. Dessert date

Unless you go to somewhere like a Two For One or Harvester, chances are the £20 budget isn’t going to stretch to a whole meal for you. How about having dinner at home, and then going out for dessert? Or even better, don’t bother with the main course at all, and just go straight for the largest pudding there is.

  1. Go for a long walk

I live in the countryside and there are plenty of places to go for walks. Yes, it’ll be dark by the time you’re both back from work, but why not just go anyway? Everywhere looks different in the evening, and a spot of stargazing will only up the romance factor (plus you’ll need warming up by the time you get home…)

  1. Get all dressed up and visit a couple of cocktail bars together

You still have to limit yourself to £20, but just pray for 2 for 1s! You can get all done up for your other half, as can he, and spend the night flirting outrageously like you’ve only just met. If you don’t live near any bars, and would have to drive, why not put your money towards alcohol and juice and spend the night making your own cocktails? You still have to get dressed up, but can afford more drink and crash out in bed once you’re done.

  1. Get competitive

If you’re anything like we are, you’ll love a bit of competition (before it all turns sour), so if you’re feeling brave, why not get competitive. Find a cheapish game from a toy shop (I recommend Hydro Strike if you both put your money together) and challenge each other to a games night. Maybe add a strip element – strip poker anyone? Loser has to do a forfeit of the winner’s choice…

Disclaimer: Do not blame me for any arguments/break ups that may occur should you follow this advice.

  1. Get crafty

Print off all your favourite pictures of the last however-long a few days before, and spend an evening putting them in frames, albums etc. Alternatively, get the canvas out and draw each other. Maybe draw your dream home. Both musical? Create a song. For those with a VERY understanding landlord/parent, play a game of messy Twister (it will always end up more fun if there’s paint involved…)

  1. Forward plan

If you’re willing to get organised as early as possible, Groupon and Wowcher might be your new best friends. Crammed full of money-saving ideas in your local area and nationwide, you could end up doing all sorts come Valentines. Their offers range from meals out, to massages, to a trip around a castle and water zorbing – without a doubt there’ll be something on there that takes your fancy.

Note: Just make sure you check the small print as some offers may not be valid on Valentine’s, Friday’s etc.

  1. Head to the park

No-one else will be there, and who can resist a go on the swings? There’ll be something that makes you feel like you’ve just started dating again. Young love eh…


So there you have it guys, my top ten ideas of how to spend a lovely Valentine’s night on a budget – if you have any other ideas leave me a comment 🙂 I don’t know what we’ll end up doing, but I’m sure I’ll keep you all up to date!

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