I genuinely think I was born to travel. My plan is to work my socks off for the next two years (whilst undergoing Invisalign treatment), and then take off for the mother of all adventures. Where’s on my list? So many places that I most definitely want to share with you – but that’s a post for a different day.

However, until then, I have a whole 22 days per year to take off from my office job, and I plan to fill them with as many mini-trips as possible. My first is coming up in about six weeks (eeeee!!) when I’m taking off to a villa with friends in Spain, but what’s after that??

Today’s post is focusing on a few beautiful places very high up my list, which would all be relatively cheap/close to visit for a week, tops. If you can recommend anywhere, please leave me a comment below – bare in mind it must be cheap, not too far away and most importantly, crazy interesting!

1. Santorini

Oh Greece, you bloody beauty. I’ve been a couple of times to Zakynthos, Thessaloniki and Corfu, but I am desperate to head back on over there to the island of Santorini. It’s the kind of place where honeymooners flock, (which doesn’t make it the cheapest of holidays) but after eyeing up photographs in Lonely Planet a few years ago, it’s definitely number one on my list of places to visit. Go on, just Google Images it – I dare you.

2. Budapest


I definitely want to make the most of weekend city breaks, and I’m hoping to head on over to Budapest sometime this year with Si (he doesn’t necessarily know this until now…) Whilst inter-railing a few years ago, I met a group of guys in Slovenia who offered me a place in their car for a road trip to the city that afternoon, but with my ex (who I was travelling with) dead against it, and my rucksack and possessions in Croatia (again, another story for another post), we passed it up. Yes, ok, it meant I stayed safe and wasn’t in a car full of strangers, but I do kind of regret it – could’ve made a good story eh!

3. Marrakech

A whole different continent, only three and a half hours away? Yes please! Marrakech has been tempting me since year 9, when a school trip gave us the opportunity to go over there – and what did I do? I missed the chance. Ever since, I have been desperate to take a little trip (after brushing up on my haggling skills of course), and seeing what Morocco has to offer. Watch this space…

4. Dublin

I love love love Dublin, and long to go back again as soon as possible. My boyfriend’s a little reluctant to agree to come along with me as it’s no secret that I’m a sucker for a gorgeous Irish accent, but I’m thinking for my birthday in January of heading over there for a few days. Ok, it’s expensive, but it’s close, it’s fun, and Temple Bar is where my soul yearns to be!

5. Paris

A good friend of mine lives not too far from Cannes, so last September I headed on out there for my first taste of French living, which was beautiful, but I’m also tempted to make the almost-essential trip over to Paris for a long weekend when I get chance. It seems silly not to take advantage of the cheap flights/Eurostar connection, so hopefully very soon I can fill a few days with pastries, people watching and Eiffel Tower pics.

Well, don’t I just love a good sunset photograph??

It was really difficult to narrow my list down to five relatively cheap/near places to visit – I had so many more, Ibiza, Thailand (yes, not so near, but oh so cheap), island hopping in Croatia and so on – but these have made today’s Wander-List. I’m sure there will be MANY more posts similar to this as my wanderlust is currently hitting me hard, but do let me know if you’ve visited any of these places and whether there are any must-sees, and also whether you can recommend anywhere else that should feature on my Wander-List.

Happy Sunday!

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