Hi folks,

Crikey me, it’s that time again – so many things keep getting in the way of blogging that I’m finding life catch up posts are more and more necessary!

So what have I been up to this time?I think the question is what haven’t I been up to (or not…)

In no particular order, here’s a little glimpse into what I’ve been doing/enjoying/eating/wearing/buying over the past two weeks…

Operation ‘Please-God-Let-Me-Tan’ commenced yesterday afternoon. I have 6 days until I go on holiday with friends (4 of which are personal trainers and all tan very well. The injustice of it all…) and I refuse to look pale when we all come to laze around the villa pool. Look out for a review of this gradual tanning moisturiser in the coming days but for now, know that I have woken up definitely a little darker (but also with that familiar Hobnob smell all around me).

Country Walks. Living just opposite the field pictured above, and finally having a dry evening this week, I grabbed the pooch and headed out for a walk. I always feel so much better after a meander around here, and when the sun is setting it’s just too beautiful. (Note how serene it looks? 2 seconds after this picture was taken, my phone died on me – despite being on 48% battery – increasing my stress levels once more! I swear my iPhone is simultaneously the best and worst phone I have ever owned…)

Holiday Shopping. Is there a better type of shopping? Only Christmas shopping comes close, but it definitely still wins out. I’ve picked out loads of lovely things (including the above dress from New Look for £22.99 – what a beaut!)

Brazil. I woke up nice and early yesterday morning (4am early to be exact) to wave my dad and brother off on their merry jaunt to Brazil to watch the WORLD CUP FINAL!! Needless to say, what an experience for them both! I will definitely be tuning in to watch the final tonight to see if I can spot them…

Promotions. I’m very excited that after three months in my new job, I’ve been given a promotion! I think it’s definitely come at the right time as I’m one of those people who constantly looks for a new challenge so I’m raring to get started!


Before and After

Drama. My play is finally over! If my weekend’s weren’t spent painting/building sets, they were filled with dress rehearsals. I have dreaded rehearsals this year, and my stage fright reached a new high so to say that I was relieved when the after party came round is a major understatement. But what a party it was!!

Gymtime. In all of this excitement, I’ve been neglecting the gym. However, I finally went to a circuits class last week, and hope to get into the gym a couple of times this week too. I know that once we’re on holiday there’ll be plenty of activities (think Step Brothers!) as we’re all an active bunch, but it would be nice to just spend a little time working out before then.

Healthy Eating. On that note, I’ve started trying to eat much more healthily. Whereas before at work I would be the first to reach for the biscuit tin when hunger set in, I’m now readily prepared with grapes, blueberries and low-sugar breakfast bars, as well as a smoothie to fill me up until lunch.

So there you have it folks, my last two weeks in a nutshell! I hope you all have a lovely lazy Sunday – you can bet I will be!

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