Happy-bank-holiday-weekend folks!! Boy do I need a three day weekend.

I thought I’d just do a quick life catch up, having not posted for a little while, and having gone AWOL on all forms of social media. Us lifestyle bloggers are a nosy curious bunch, so I figured I’d fill you all in on my most recent adventures (you lucky thangs!)

So, lets zip on back to last Saturday, when the sun was blaring down and my thoughts had turned to all things ‘Operation-Let’s-Get-A-Tan’ (easier said than done, as a naturally pale and freckly English lass).

I’m all about the clashing prints…

My mega-tiring day over, it was time to get all glammed up for a friend’s 23rd birthday celebrations in town. Do you ever feel like the Khloe Kardashian to your friend’s Kourtney and Kim in terms of height? It’s also always really good fun to be about a foot taller than most boys in a club. Where have all the 6’5ers gone I ask you??


There was no rest for the wicked, when on Sunday I was whisked off to London (hangover and all) to work at my first event with my new job. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a hotel room to myself – oh the utter excitement!!

Followed by taking one of my first ever selfies (that’s the complete truth. What an uncomfortable experience that was…) I figured having a bathroom to myself in my first ever hotel room called for one of my first ever selfies – ya dig?

Moving on, we were so hungry by the time we were all settled in, and headed to Bill’s (the restaurant, not just a stranger’s house), where we ordered the mezze board (I definitely recommend for the halloumi alone!)…

Followed by a cheese and bacon burger. I’ll be honest, it was possibly one of the most bland burgers I’ve ever had, but the desserts were something else, so if you’re ever heading there, maybe just order the mezze board and a brownie?

We were up the next day at 5am to start work (I felt like I was on The Apprentice), and off we taxi-ed to the hotel we were holding the conference at. Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ll love Wetherspoons toilets (honestly, how good are they?? The sofas, the mirrors, the space to bond with your fellow sisters…), so I was a little cynical when my colleagues were raving about how amazing the toilets at this hotel were. But oh my days, my sisters would be proud, just look at this – toilets, mirrors everywhere…just amazing. So amazing, they were worthy of a picture and feature on this blog post.


Work over, we headed off to Kurobuta – a Japanese chain of restaurants which is more than a little hipster. The atmosphere is fantastic, as are the staff…and these sweet potato fries were more than a little, well, more-ish!

Next up, sushi! Now, I’m not a big sushi fan so this didn’t do anything for me, but going by what my colleagues thought, it was damn good sushi!


And finally, some pork belly buns. Very fatty, but truly melt-in-the-mouth stuff.

What I will say is that if you’re a fan of hearty, stodgy meals (like myself), this probably isn’t the best place to visit. The portion sizes are TINY, and cost a helluva lot for what you get, but it was definitely nice to try something I wouldn’t normally have gone for.

So, a quick drink at a local quaint pub, we were back to bed ready for yet another start.

For those of you of the fashion orientation, here’s what I wore on the second day of conferences – see what I mean, I’ve got Apprentice-candidate written all over me! Heels would have most definitely looked better, but I’m not made of strong stuff when it comes to 16 hour days and lots of stairs.

So there you have it, a pretty whirl-wind week. We arrived back to the office the following day and had plenty to catch up – I even ended up with a post-event cold to help me along.

In celebration, I’m off to eat my weight in Minstrals. Have a great weekend folks!

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